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Singer, writer, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist Nemo Jones has composed, performed, recorded and toured with artists including Sia, Urban Species, Faithless, Maxi Jazz, Thunderworld, Gary Katz, Nigel Godrich, Chumbawumba, Lamb, Raw Stylus, Alison Moyet, Barefoot Doctor, Eve Libertine, Galliano, Toni Childs, Peter and Alice Oswald and Jamie Woon.

He has performed around the world, at venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Brixton Academy and Glastonbury main stage.

His first solo album, Superfruity, is comprised of idiosyncratic and soulful songs which artfully blend an eclectic blend of seventies and eighties funk, rock and pop influences.

“Nemo has the voice of an angel and sings like there’s no tomorrow”

~ U2 and David Gray producer, Andy Barlow

”Tuneful”The Guardian

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Collaboration with Rob Fairweather featuring Barefoot Doctor, Faithless’s Maxi Jazz, Herbalizer’s Andrew Ross, Deborah Ffrench and the poet Paradox. An entertaining listen covering a wide range of genres and atmospheres.

Thunderworld weave an intricate collage of improvised elements into a compelling freeform soundscape which rewards attentive listening.

This entertaining and hypnotic journey evolves, resolves and transforms – reflecting and embracing contradiction while gleefully and gracefully plotting a risky course through which the listener emerges refreshed.

Thunderworld is a realm of sonic surprises which traverses the line between conventional musical grammar and a childish and playful exploration reminiscent of the freer moments in jazz, psychedelic rock and abstract noise.

Essentially a humane, warm-hearted and uplifting experience, Thunderworld’s unusually fluid and ever-shifting terrain seeks to fascinate, surprise and nourish.

Nemo Jones News
Nemo Jones News10 months ago
Really enjoyed the show today. Definitely improving... Two sides of patriotism, mind control, Ukrainian flag, Herbie Hancock, Anna Karenina, Lazy Coward, Crow Qu'appelle interview part 1, Osho, Rose Royce, maturity and Marvin Gaye gets cut short again! Criminal!

Listen at your leisure here:
Nemo Jones News
Nemo Jones News10 months ago
My radio show is on in about 50 mins. I'll be debuting YET ANOTHER brand new tune!!! See you here:

And comment on this thread for a shout out etc
Nemo Jones News
Nemo Jones News10 months ago
Nemo Jones Radio Show on in 25 minz. Comment here if you have feedback etc
Nemo Jones News
Nemo Jones News11 months ago
Got a lovely show lined up for this eve at 6pm.
Nemo Jones News
Nemo Jones News11 months ago
Listen in your own time to my first Radio Show. Huge thanks to Soundart Radio

Two Miles Davises, debuting a new song, virtue signalling, how to write a song (not really), a Little Feat cover, some awesome soul, Dickens, David Byrne on the history of recording, righteous Irish politicians and what anarchism isn't.
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